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Deep Tissue Massage

a new body begins at NEO BODY

When a client feels stressed out due to demands at work, home or both, deep tissue massage can help ease this stress in a healthy manner.

Having experts with expertise Indian Ayurvedic Massage Center is well known for its Deep Tissue Massage in Geelong. Deep tissue massage is best for giving attention to certain painful, stiff “trouble spots” in your body.

The massage therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin. Though less rhythmic than other types of massage, deep tissue massage can be quite therapeutic — relieving chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries, such as back sprain.

 Deep Tissue Massage in Geelong

For those people who suffer from chronic stress, and all of its various, possible side-effects like tension headaches, rigid shoulders and tight muscles; Deep Tissue Massage in Geelong can be a relief. During a session you can let it all go and give in to the healing. Once renewed and revitalized you’ll be able to face your challenges more equitably.

Say Good Bye to stress ……