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Migraine Massage

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At Indian Ayurvedic and Remedial Massage, headaches and to a lesser extent migraine is another relatively common complaint that we deal with in our clinic. Depending on the cause, duration, stress levels and other factors they may be easily resolved or may take some time.

This technique utilizes gentle contact with the head, the base of the spine, and the feet.   It works with the movement of bodily and energetic forces that maintain a state of balance in the body. In this work the practitioner listens to and augments those movements to help reestablish a state of balance. This bodywork can be helpful in relieving migraines, TMJ, and pain patterns resulting from physical and emotional trauma.  This session is also commonly practiced with newborns helping settle the central nervous system after the birth process. This session is performed fully clothed.

Migraine Massage in Geelong

For Migraine Massage in Geelong we use our popular treatment called Indian scalp massage, an ancient Indian Ayurvedic treatment using infused oils on the head, face, neck and top of the shoulders.

“We use Indian scalp massage to calm the body, nervous system, the muscles in the face, eye strain, and to calm tension in the back of the head that causes headaches or neck strain from focusing forward, “Once this area gets relaxed, it provides the rest of the body to be relaxed.

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